Doing business globally, and accessing foreign markets shouldn't be complex.

Through a suite of services, including business, legal, privacy, and cybersecurity consulting, translation services, and Lexplique's exclusive, global attorney network, we'll prove it.


At Lexplique, we are your advocate for international business growth and development by providing top-of-the line business, privacy, cybersecurity, and legal consulting services, assistance with global translation projects, publishing legal information in your language, and connecting you with lawyers around the globe. Through our services, you can pursue your business goals to expand internationally. 

Our skilled team of consultants, certified global privacy professionals (CIPP/E, CIPP/US), translators, and technology take lawyers and businesses across time zones, legal systems, and languages, allowing them to access markets around the world, to accomplish global ambitions. 


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Learn more about our top-of-line consulting, privacy, and security services, global translation, team, Lexplique software, and our exclusive Attorney Network.



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