Translation is about more than words. Sure, we are fluent in multiple languages. But it's far more than that. We've experienced the languages. Because we've lived abroad. We've worked across languages for global enterprises, foreign governments, and the world's top law and consulting firms. We have degrees from the most prestigious universities around the globe. Using the industry's best, top-ranked, pre-vetted translators, and cutting-edge technology, Lexplique is the future of translation. 




Step 1: One-on-one, customized, personal attention to you, your project needs and goals
Step 2: Tailored matching with a top-rated Lexplique Project Manager and skilled translator, best suited to help with your project
Step 3: Affordable, predictable pricing at the highest quality
Step 4: Fast turn-around times, with client review and approval of translations
Step 5: Full execution and project delivery to client


We’ve traveled. A lot. And through the countries whose markets you wish to access. We know the culture there, inside and out. And our deep and personal knowledge of language and culture is reflected in the impeccable quality of Lexplique translations we deliver to our clients.

No matter the materials you need translated, our translation team members have specialized knowledge in business, law, technology, and marketing. While our specialty languages are French and English, we can assist in any language.