Sources of Private International Law from a French Perspective

Sources of Private International Law from a French Perspective
Sources du droit international privé dans point de vue français
Jurisdiction: France

I. Domestic Sources of Law

§  Case Law

Effect of Foreign Judgments in France:


  • « Bachir »
    Cass. 1e civ., 4 Oct. 1967, Bull. civ. No. 277

  • « Munzer »
    Cass. 1e civ., 7 Jan. 1964, Bull. civ. No.

Non Exequatur

  • « Plano »

  • « Bulkley »

  • « De Wrède »

Conflict of laws

  • « Busqueta »
    13 juin 1814

Domestic Laws
Value of international treaties: superiority :
French Constitution Art. 55

Conflict of laws:
C. civ. Art. 3

Jurisdiction of the French Courts:
C. civ. Arts 14 et 15


II. International Sources of Law

United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) 11 avril 1980

Bilateral Conventions
Effect of judgements
Internationales Rules
Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH) (unification of the rules of private international law)

European Law
Council of Europe

European Community Law
Treaty of Amsterdam
Requires EU Member States to adopt various treaties
“Brussels I” 44/2001 22 Dec. 2001 (Brussels Convention (Conflicts of Laws)– 27 Sept. 1968 (Lugano Convention for non EU Member States) 

Civil and Commercial Matters

Conflicts of jurisdictions
Recognition / enforcement of decisions
Effects of foreign judgments 

“Brussels II”: Family Law (Dissolution, Rights of Children)
1347/2000 Regulation à BII bis. 2201/2003 March 2005 and again BII ter
Conflicts of laws concerning marital matters--dissolution, divorce, but not the consequences of divorce, and parental responsibility, but does not address questions of civil liability.

Conventions de Rome (Conflicts of laws) – Regulation Rome I
Rome I

Law applicable to contractual obligations
Domain: Contract Law

Rome II
Unification of instruments related to torts and extra/quasi-contractual

Rome III
Brussels 2 bis, plus provisions related to conflicts of laws provisions with respect to divorces.

International Jurisprudence
Statutus of foreigners:
CJI 25 mai 1926

Avis du 7 février 1923
CJI 6 avr. 1955

Customary international law
Lex mercatoria