Lexplique Translate Français is the most convenient, largest and most comprehensive electronic database of French Civil law terms translated to and explained in English. With tens of thousands of legal, economic, and business terms, and 143 different categories, Lexplique Translate is the essential legal translator, dictionary and reference guide for business professionals, practicing lawyers and law students, as well as translators, multinational companies, and SMEs.

Lexplique Translate IS A unique translation SOFTWARE.

  • A constantly learning and evolving software as a service (SAAS) application, using cutting edge technology and up-to-date legal translations: while our team of legal linguists is constantly updating the database of legal terms and translations, our technical team is equally updating the software and its algorithms in real time.
  • Adaptability: Lexplique adapts its software to meet client needs. Not only do we have the largest and most accurate French-to-English legal translation database, but freelance translators around the globe can log in to our system remotely, in every language, to add and modify terms.
  • A scalable, globally-minded software application: While Lexplique Translate Français is focused on France and the OHADA countries in Africa, the application also includes Canadian, European, and international French legal terms.
  • Scalability: The Lexplique Translate Project Management software, grouped by language, can be scaled into every language and every jurisdiction.
  • Quality: Each translation is subject to multiple levels of quality control. Once a project manager has approved a translation, the official seal of quality approval is included in the translation, giving translators, lawyers, and business professionals confidence in the quality of that term’s translation.
  • Comprehensiveness: Rather than wasting hours referencing five or more sources before finding a proper legal translation, now, with Lexplique Translate, lawyers, translators, and business professionals can turn to a single, reliable source, with consolidated translations. To ensure the comprehensiveness of the translations, Lexplique users may reference the software’s unique Compare feature, to compare our translations against the most accurate sources available online, both as individual terms as well as in the context of specific practice areas.

What makes Lexplique Translate different from other project management or online translation tools?

  • Lexplique’s translations are tagged by specific subjects and jurisdictions, ensuring accuracy and consistency in context and an intuitive software experience. Lexplique delivers excellent results because it is not machine translated, but rather translated by legal-linguists and lawyers, and even allows translators and lawyers to add more extensive explanations and definitions to their profiles.
  • Lexplique Translate’s term classification tools demonstrate that the software does not simply propose literal translations, but instead, offers translations taken into their correct context, allowing a global understanding of foreign legal systems, specifically tagged to the relevant jurisdiction where the term applies.
  • Lexplique’s database was created by a team of experienced legal-linguists and lawyers. Given their extensive knowledge and understanding of foreign legal systems, Lexplique’s team is composed of polyglots who have worked not only across different languages and cultures, but also under different legal systems as well.
  • Where our competitors use simple legal translators, Lexplique relies on its important legal expertise, team of lawyers and legal-linguists, and people who are familiar with the culture, language, and Civil and Common Law systems, offering exceptional value with each term and translation, unmatched by every competing machine translator.
  • In this regard, while certain websites simply scrape content from websites without any quality control system – and almost always without any lawyers’ review – our team has spent tens of thousands of hours developing a human-translated, accurate system, where the terms are tagged, analyzed, defined, and classified. Our terms consider nuances not only in the language, but also in the culture and under different legal systems, on a case- by-case basis.
  • Every legal term and concept is compared with existing equivalents, not only in English, but also taking into consideration Common and Civil Law differences.
  • A reliable, secure software application, adaptable to user needs, using the most advanced technology ...
  • In-house software development, led by a former, senior IBM software architect and security expert;
  • Innovative, adaptable, scalable Ruby-on-Rails technology;
  • Responsive web views, accessible on and which adapts to every web browser and mobile device, allowing translators around the globe to plug in to the system, access or upload the content they need on the go with an excellent user experience;
  • Authentication procedures with reliable access in a secure, cloud-based application;
  • Proprietaryalgorithmstoclassifycontentfromthemostrelevantcategoriesusers search;
  • Intuitiveandrapid,light-weightgraphicsanduserinterfaces,allowingstreamlined content management and access, term and jurisdiction tagging, symbols, system and language preferences;
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology and secure EC2 notes, ready to scale and clone on demand.