Since 2011, Lexplique has connected lawyers and businesses with clients across the globe. We're advocates for international business, and use technology to take lawyers and businesses to places they never thought possible.


Our Mission

Believing that global understanding and access to foreign legal and economic systems has been far more complex than it should be, Lexplique offers multilingual solutions designed for today’s privacy and cybersecurity-focused, globalized, technology-driven business and legal environments. Now more than ever, international companies and legal professionals need to access foreign legal information quickly, conveniently and effectively, and at a reasonable cost. Lexplique helps lawyers and businesses develop their international client base, offering professional consulting and translation solutions and legal information.

“Finally, with Lexplique products and services, business and legal professionals understand how to do business abroad.”
— said L.R. Golchehreh, Founder and CEO of Lexplique


  • Privacy and cybersecurity program development experience and expertise

  • Professional services offered by international business strategists who are entrepreneurs themselves

  • Quality, reliable translation services

  • Global Data Privacy Office Services and expert data privacy consulting services

  • Access to a global attorney network of multilingual translators